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Papalala Za Ongwala (the wings of the Eagle)

All of the proceeds from the sale of Shirley's paintings go to the Eagle Wings Christian Family. Eagle Wings is Chiomba Nkhanga  in Chchewa.  Eagle Wings is made up of a very small group of Christians, who support five local Malawian missionaries and their families in their work. Eagle Wings is not a charity organisation, instead it aims to help Malawians to become self sufficient.

Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles they will run and not grow weary they will walk and not be faint.”


Supporting two new Pastors

Kennedy Banda and Biston Macheso will soon be joining Steven, Hassan and Julius. Helping Malawians. 


News from Pastor Julius

Dear  Shirley Charlton,

I hope your fine and here we are all fine ,God blessed us in so many ways .sorry for taking long without e-mail you .They is too many black out in Nsanje sometimes no network  so sorry for that .

About the meeting we had in Lilongwe ,it was very successful  meeting with my friends only  that Mrs   Stambuli was sick by that time  we discuss so many things about we should seek prayers for you and I give my friends prayer request for  you- it is my pray God continue to encourage you .

Pastor Julius

From Nsanje the tip of Malawi


News from Pastor Steven

Dear Christian Sisters,

I thank the lord for all the effort you put for Eagle Wings. We kneel down each day for each one of you including the mission team, Moore Park Church and all who pray for Eagle Wings. The Church is growing as you can see on photos some of the special functions I and my wife are sharing with the Church. My wife is glad she has more women now because of some of the activities she is teaching them. Sometimes we invite them to our home and sometimes we arrange Church Fellowship on meals. I have baptized 18 members this last months and I have also done some training for Church leaders. Six other families have been won through door to door.

I have visited prison for two separate occasions. We usually pray for prisoners especially when we find that the number increases. We also visit the hospital at lunch hour and in the morning for devotions. God is doing a lot during these times. One activity photo has been repeated by mistake. I suggest we three meet in Lilongwe.

May God bless you all in Christ,


Pastor Steven



Assan Stambuli's Report

This is the report for the months of April and May.

I had an Open Air and i went to Maula Prison, and shared something there like clothes and soap and i also went to Daeyang Luke Hospital, in the month of April. Now this months on the 3rd and 4th May, i had a crusade. attached are the photos of some of the things that happened during all these times. the photo showing the girl child carrying the plastic pale is for the Open Air,  If you Remember very well, that is my daughter Trinity, and the rest are for the Crusade that took place on the third May.

On the 11th May, I went to Mchinji where I had a night Prayer starting from Saturday untill Sunday, at Santhe Place and I thank God then I came back on Sunday Morning.

I thank you. May the Lord Bless all of you.

Assan Stambuli


Papalala za Ongwala

It has been a while since I updated the blog. We continue to support the three Malawian Pastors Julius, Hassan, and Steven.

Pastor Julius Damson is now working in the district of Nsanje in the farthest Southern region of Malawi. The people of Nsanje are traditionally Sena people, or Mang'anja. The predominant language is Chichewa, but Chisena, Chimang’anja, English, and Portuguese are also spoken.

A rain cult holds position south of Nsanje boma worshipping a deity called Mbona. His head was cut off hundreds of years ago and out flowed a river of blood. He now returns to his wife’s home every so often in the form of a python to tell prophecies for the coming year.

The temperature gets as high as 52 °C (126 °F) in November and as low as 8 °C (46 °F) in June. Rainfall averages around 750 millimetres (30 in) yearly, coming January through April.

Nsanje is one of the poorest districts in Malawi and is virtually dependent on government and NGO aid. The main income is from small holder farming. Maize, millet, sorghum, rice, and cotton are all grown using almost entirely rain fed agriculture. This area gets flooded often in the rains with a complete loss of crops and huts.

This is a church in Nsanje where Pastor Julius Damson is now preaching.

Pastor Julius continues to give free water from the taps connected to his house in Manyowe Village. This is proving to be extremely expensive due to corruption by the Blantyre Water Board, who don't produce proper water bills.

Hassan is in the outskirts of Lilongwe. He continues to help others and preach the word. He says a bag of maize costs K 10,000. He visits to the prisons and hospitals and is a humble poor man but shares what he has.

This is Hassan Stambuli’s Photo of the congregation of his Church outside Lilongwe.

Steven is in the north Muzu and he too is visiting the prisons and hospitals. He continues to share and work hard among the people in Muzu, as well as together with Muslims.

This is a photo of Steven’s family.